Art Museum Strategies LLC is a partnership of two experienced art museum directors – Terrie Sultan and Robin Nicholson – offering a tailored boutique service to peers in the field. Developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AMS offers strategic avenues for recovery and success.

Strategic Planning

AMS will evaluate existing strategic imperatives, mission statement and programming and make recommendations that offer sustainable and measurable goals in the near and long terms. We will provide a 3-6-12-month plan that incorporates communications and public positioning, best cultural practices, audience development and brand reinvigoration strategies. We take it one step further in helping to execute this plan on the tactical level.



Post COVID Reboot

AMS will offer independent guidance to museum governance and organization in the post-Covid world, with virtual workshops, interviews, staff, and board surveys. We will provide templates for revised organizational structures that break down silos and assist in introducing diversity. We will also offer executive coaching and support at the leadership level.

Board Development

AMS works with CEO and Board Chairs to review leadership structures and best practices in the museum industry. We provide trainings, workshops and independent one-on-one sessions with board members to promote new thinking on museum governance and develop a diversification plan. Alongside Hudson Ferris, we also empower board members to be effective fundraisers.

Membership Restructuring

Many art museums are rethinking membership benefits and moving away from traditional models that have existed for decades. AMS is at the forefront of developments in the art museum field and will make recommendations on the audience engagement strategies that will work best for your specific institution.

Collections Analysis and Deaccessioning

AMS brings decades of expertise in collection curation and will assist with an ethical, practical, and communicable approaches to collection de-accessioning to support operations, endowment, and long-term viability.

Organizational Assessment

AMS offers an in-depth analysis of your organizational chart and ideas for revamping your operational and reporting structures. The ‘new normal’ creates an opportunity to rethink the way art museums fulfill their missions and values.


Fundraising Services

The world of fundraising has changed dramatically. Industry leader Hudson Ferris brings a unique set of skills to help with the development challenges art museums face. We provide feasibility studies, campaign strategies and donor and visitor screenings. At Art Museum Strategies, our primary goal is to ensure the future of art museums.

Architectural Planning Guidance

AMS will provide guidance and expertise encompassing all aspects of the design, development and realization of a building project. Services include architectural review and selection process, project management and budgetary oversight. We provide strategies for messaging and communications, community engagement, digital marketing, and planning for opening celebrations.

What Sets Us Apart

  • More than 50 years combined experience in the art and museum world
  • Alliance with Hudson Ferris, a leader in nonprofit fundraising
  • Peer-to-peer advocacy for board and donor relations
  • Track record of success in art museum strategic planning

What To Expect

We are a boutique firm in every sense of the word. We offer a high level of responsiveness and accessibility to all of our clients. Our customized and adaptable approach ensures we remain agile and creative in our problem solving and strategy.

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